Sunday, September 26, 2010

Masdar update in the New York Times

As a new, green city is constructed in the desert, the criticism grows.

I believe the criticism should be directed at other governments for not supporting and financing mini-masdars to support innovation and cleantech companies.

Passive House in the New York Times

Great National Coverage

The full NYT article is here. An interactive site with construction details is here.

For full information from the Passive House organization in Germany check here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

IDEAbuilder in Denmark. Building the Future

Damon Hernandez, one of our 3D engineers, was recently invited to Denmark by the Innovation Lab to speak about the future of technology and the internet at the NEXT festival in Aarhus in September 2010.

The full video is below. More perspectives from Damon can be found on his blog, Metaverse One. When people ask us what we do I prefer to show them interactive demos. Watch the video to discover how far we intend to travel. Are there many fellow travelers out there?

Why build with Wood? Because Trees are the Answer.

We build primarily with wood so a fair question to ask is why. We believe wood to be the best material to use for residential construction in North America.

Rather than list our reasons, I prefer to refer you to a noted voice for sustainability.

Dr. Patrick Moore, a of Green Peace, left the orga after 15 years "to establish a more sensible, science-based approach to environmentalism." Here is a short selection from his book "Trees are the Answer".

Update: Wood products part of winning carbon-emissions equation, researchers say. Full research article available here. Interesting chart from the article.